Samples of our products which are applied by our customers.

Sales Promotion

Plastic inserts, stands for cosmetics products, books, leaflets, lighted and non-lighted sticks, 3D signs, tubes, displays, trays, A-stands, embossed walls, price trails, serving laths, cassettes from flock, coasters, salvers.

Transport Fixation

Production of plastic containers, transport trays, small run production of blisters, fitments, fixations, covers for pallets, inserts to systainer.

Garden Equipment

Production of plastic covers for mowers, planting markers, bottoms of gathering boxes for grass, etc.

Machines and Devices

Production of plastic covers for machines, devices, apparatuses, production lines, belt covers, peepholes, fenders, casings, shades for railway signals, covers, squeegees conveyors, plastic parts for cooling devices, etc.

Medical Devices and Equipment

Production of plastic bowls, covers for irradiators, cable holders, covers for specific medical devices, bed tables, etc.

Electrical Engineering

Production of plastic covers for antennas, covers for electrical applications, counter for switchgear, lamps covers, diffusers, etc.

Automotive Industry

Production of technological caps for engines, partition walls of cargo space, trays for metal pallets, covers of assembling equipment, prototype parts, etc.

Other Products

Production of plastic helmets, face protections, plastic cabins for flying models of airplains, bodyworks RC models, covers for drones, boxes for fire extinguishers, covers for chairs, monocoque for cases of musical instruments, shelves, frames of mirrors, film props and scenery.

And a lot more, contact us for the further information

'You can find our products in many different sectors: Manufacturing of machines, devices and equipment, automotive industry, medical devices, packing industry, garden equipment, sales promotion, etc.'