Higher standard of user safety

We developed our own prototype of a protective face shield and successfuly passed a testing & optimizing period in collaboration with hospitals, birth centers, social care houses and other fields of service where the staff is in frequent contact with people. Our technology allows us to produce large amount of such a product in required quality, functionality and at a great price-performance rate.

Protective face shield ZORPLEX 240 is designed to safe eyes, nose, mouth and face from being infect by droplets of viruses, bacteria and other fluids or aerosols. When used with a mask, it significantly increases the user's protection through infection.

It is primarily determined for healthcare workers use, furthermore it´s suitable for all other persons who work with people at higher risk of infection or those who are in contact with the most vulnerable population (weakened, sick, seniors).


The visor is made of PVC / PETG (thickness 0,25 mm), the headband of PETG (thickness 1,5 mm). Both materials are certified for direct contact with food. The headband is fixed with a removable adjustable rubber spring.

The shield is solid as well as flexible, usable repeatedly.

The visor and headband is compatible with products printed on 3D printers (Prusa model).


The product has been tested in practice by various healthcare facilities including compatibility with other protective equipment.

It should be taken into the consideration that viruses are also transmitted by physical contact, for example by touching mouth or eye mucous membrane by infected hand. Together with the using the facial protection it is also necessary to comply with the rules of general hygiene principles.

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Read more about the ZORPLEX 240 project

Read more about the ZORPLEX 240 project