Vacuum thermoforming, CNC processing, CNC milling, bending, gluing, welding, assembling and packaging.

Vacuum Thermoforming

Vacuum thermoforming is our main business activity. It’s a simple process when plastic sheet is heated to a forming temperature and stretched onto a single-surface mold and forced against the mold by a vacuum. Afterwards the material is cooled into the finished shape. This process can be used to produce different sizes of parts, from relatively small to big ones. Our company owns many different thermoforming machines which offers the production from sheets of size 250 × 250 mm to size 2550 × 1550 mm.

CNC 5 Axis Processing

One of the finishing processes of thermoformed parts is milling with 5 axis CNC machines which are very precise numerical controlled machines. All preparation for CNC milling like CNC data, stands, and other equipment is done by our company.

CNC 3 Axis Processing

For a treatment of plastic sheets with thickness 0,5 – 30mm numerical controlled 3 axis CNC machines are used. The maximum size of sheets is 2500 × 1250 mm.

Bending of Plastic

Parts processed on 3 axis CNC machines is possible to bend with string or bar (rod) bending till maximum size of 2000 mm.

Welding of Plastic

Joining of two parts is provided with ultrasonic welding.

Assembling and packaging

We provide assembling, gluing and packaging of plastic parts based on customer requests. Products are packed into cardboard boxes by standard, big sized parts are stacked on the pallet. Parts are mostly dispatched on returnable EUR pallets. Other sizes of pallets and packaging is discussed with the customer. Delivery is arranged by freight forwarders and courier’s services, or we can arrange the full truck delivery.


Material in Sheets:
ABS, HIPS, PMMA, PET, PC, HDPE, PVC, ASA in thickness 1–6 (30) mm
Material in foils:
PVC, PET, flock HIPS, HDPE in thickness 0,3–1 mm
Possible surfaces:
Smooth, mat, smooth glossy, and different embossing
Possible colors :
We provide color sample based on RAL and Pantone specification or customer requirement