We manufacture products of various shapes, dimensions, materials and functionalities. We provide services and production capabilities to businesess as well as to end users from the Czech Republic, European countries and worldwide. Some of our clients and business partners collaborate with us for almost 30 years. Our production covers wide range of industry sectors from engineering to art & promotion. Take a look at some illustrative results of our work.


What we have already produced:

  • industry boxes for machines and technology equipment
  • plastic cases and covers for lawn or riding movers and other devices
  • bottoms of gathering boxes for grass
  • planting markers
  • collecting boxes
  • peepholes
  • belt covers, mudguards, cabinets
  • shades for railway signals
  • squeegees conveyors
  • plastic parts for cooling devices

VARI - drum mower cover

Divider for Mercedes Benz VITO


What we have already produced:

  • technological caps for engines
  • partition walls of cargo space
  • trays for metal pallets
  • covers of assembling equipment
  • prototype parts

As contractually agreed with our clients, we are unfortunately unable to publish most results of our work in this industry branch…


What we have already produced:

  • plastic covers for antennas
  • covers for electrical applications
  • counter for switchgear
  • lamps covers and diffusers

Direction antenna

We are ready to bring your intention into reality, doesn´t matter you come up with strict instructions, existing mould, sample or just an idea. We will think through all possible options, discuss pros and cons with you, create a prototype, present alternatives and help to choose the best solution to satisfy your specific requirements.

Transport organizer for small parts


What we have already produced:

  • transport boxes and pallets
  • transport cases
  • organizers and folders
  • customized carrier boxes
  • blisters and transport trays
  • fitments, fixations, covers for pallets, inserts to systainer


What we have already produced: 

  • chair seats, backrests or whole seat parts
  • monocoque for cases of musical instruments
  • shelves
  • mirror frames
  • theatre and film props and scenery
  • statues and 3D models
  • design decorations for hotels and representative areas
  • covers and shields for lightways, industry and residential lighting, design diffusers
  • other design interier & exterier items

Tram seats

Floorball helmet REY



What we have already produced: 

  • plastic cabins for flying models of airplains
  • bodyworks RC models
  • covers for drones


What we have already produced: 

  • plastic masks and helmets, protection shields
  • body (chest, back, arm, knee or shin) protectors

We build our business on individual, friendly approach and long-term relationships. We provide customized and optimal solutions to satisfy their needs in quality, usability, price as well as visual aspect point of view. We do our best to prevent any issue or inconsistencies. If yet happens, we solve the situation pro-actively, personally, effectively and fast. Due to this fact, many clients stay with us for more than 20 years.


What we have already produced:

  • bonnets
  • wheel wells
  • mudguards and wings
  • dividers and screens
  • dashboards
  • rallye kits accessories

Motorcycle cover

Promo stand


What we have already produced: 

  • plastic inserts and stands for cosmetics products, books, leaflets, flocked boxes
  • lighted and non-lighted sticks, 3D signs and logos
  • tubes, displays, trays, A-stands, price trails, promo billboards
  • serving laths, cassettes from flock, coasters, salvers
  • embossed walls, 3D design wall panels


What we have already produced:

  • plastic bowls
  • covers for irradiators
  • cable holders
  • covers for specific medical devices
  • shower seats
  • bed tables
  • newborn bed tubs

Newborn bed tub

Do you want to find out more about our capabilities and experiences?
We can do much more for you. Contact us.

Do you want to find out more about our capabilities and experiences?
We can do much more for you. Contact us.